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  1. Crusznik_02
    Hello & Hi to all ...................
  2. FloranceDeemitova
    Hi. Its a wonderful day!
  3. SulliRichelle
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  4. keuchenparadise
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  5. steveintheoz
    well its finally here my AT DCT hahahahaha went straight to the bush tracks put it down twice in the mud before I had dun its first 40km . Was good in the sand and rocks but was asking way to much from the standard tyers in the mud . Had fun , have ordered some k60 scouts will see how they go . The DCT is great but will take a bit of time to adjust my riding to get the best out of it
    1. Motor Forums
      Motor Forums
      Great News Steve, glad you are happy with your new AT, you are welcome to share your experiences from time to time on the AT forum here,

      Jun 28, 2016
  6. Daveg1971
    Impatiently waiting for my funding for my new twin to come through this week to go a get my new bike
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