What’s your view? Will you watch more hunter x adventures?

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    What’s your view? Will you watch more hunter x adventures?

    Did you remember that a few months ago, when we learned about hunter x entertainment’s and unigame‘s struggles with new programs? As we said back then, hunter’s hardline stance on banning players using any kind of new programs might do more harm than good, as it would free up the hunter x hunter developers of more benign programs to do whatever they felt like, knowing they’d get banned for anything from a DPS meter to a true hunters game-breaking exploit.

    That might be what happened recently, as a particularly nasty hack/exploit has made its way into the new version of the game. It allows hunter x players to use the new ability to deal massive damage, typically insta-killing players or dealing massive damage to bosses and reducing their battles to triviality.

    Take a look at the unigame’s video of a PvP battle and note all the kills — of players with nearly full health.Hunter x Entertainment comment on this new issue, and the publisher confirmed that it’s aware of it.

    According to the source that brought this information to our attention, also faced this issue and was able to cleanse it in the game hunter. We haven’t managed to verify that, but if it’s true, retribution will hopefully be swift for the hunters.

    The journey to the Dark Continent begins! Chairman Netero’s son Beyond has a dream to explore the dangerous land of the Dark Continent. Many have made trips there and almost everyone has disappeared or died! But he’s not alone in his desire to explore this strange land—the Hunter x hunter Association has their own plan. And where do Gon and his friends fit into all this mess?The more adventures are coming!


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